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Presentation of the "China Perception Index in Kazakhstan in 2023."

16 мая 2024 г. в 16.00 Центр центральноазиатских исследований ИКСА РАН проведёт презентацию социологического мониторингового исследования «Индекс восприятия Китая в Казахстане в 2023г.».

The Hall of the Academic Council of the IKS RAS.

May 16, 2024, 4 p.m.

Event descriptio

On May 16, 2024, at 16.00, the Center for Central Asian Studies of the ISSA RAS will hold a presentation of the sociological monitoring study "The Index of perception of China in Kazakhstan in 2023." The author of the study was the TALAP Center for Applied Research (Kazakhstan). During the event, the authors of the project will present the results of their work, and experts from Russia and Kazakhstan will discuss the findings.

Among those invited to the discussion are researchers from the ICSA RAS, leading sociologists, experts from the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies (KISI).

The event will take place in the Hall of the Academic Council of the IKS RAS. 

Event page: https://centr-central-asia.timepad.ru/event/2866077/