Will Russia buy our oil? About preferential housing, declarations and loans

Hi! We return after a break (vacation, work trips). And we return in a slightly unusual format. Today there will be fewer primitive questions from the moderator, but more of a conversation between two expert economists. Eldar Shamsutdinov invited Askar Kysykov, Director of the TALAP Center for Applied Research, to visit. And an interesting (and most importantly not too "abstruse", as Eldar sometimes likes) conversation came out. There will also be a recent offer from Parasat to the Western shareholders of our Neftyanka. The offer is amazing - to exchange their shares for Russian assets frozen in the West and at the same time improve the terms of contracts for Kazakhstan. Does it sound like nonsense? Or not? There is a lot more about preferential housing - we have launched two programs at once (one started, the other was announced by Tokayev). What will happen to the housing market? There will also be declarations and mobile transfers (two economists will tell you why they did not figure out how to complete this declaration themselves). What about the base rate and the exchange rate? Anyway, let's go watch it!

March 30, 2024

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