Қазақстан мен Ресей арасындағы терең проблемалар туралы - Максим Шевченкомен сұхбат

April 29, 2024

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If you look at the relations between Kazakhstan and Russia from the outside, you can see the largest land border in the world in terms of length, and a huge number of bilateral agreements, unions and organizations that include both countries. However, it is worth looking deeper as it becomes obvious that most joint organizations do not work at the proper level, and agreements remain on paper. In addition, materials often appear in the information space of both countries that form negative images of neighbors: in Russia they talk about Russophobia in Kazakhstan, in Kazakhstan - that Moscow is constantly trying to overstep the boundaries of what is allowed in its statements. In this issue, about the deep and unsolvable problems between Kazakhstan and Russia, I talked with Russian journalist, politician and public figure Maxim Shevchenko. Maxim Leonardovich is a great professional in international relations. We touched upon both the causes of the emergence of different views and values of residents of neighboring countries, and their consequences. In my opinion, the conversation turned out to be very interesting.

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