Money loves the bill. "Results"

May 6, 2024

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For the past few days, pension payments from a single accumulative pension fund in Kazakhstan will be able to determine from the bottom line. As the head of the government noted, in the address of the Senators, studying the social significance of the issue, as well as the international practice on visits and visits, it is proposed to resolve the IPN pension issue from the ENPF. One thing is certain, is IPN for technical citizens, which are mainly used to reduce the amount of income to an unsustainable state, and will it be possible to apply a negative assessment, transferred to the management background? Is it possible to transfer part of their funds to effective management?  Read More in the new issue of the "Results"Program.


1) Anuar Nurtazin, economist.

2) Murat Sharipov, managing director of JSC "ENPF".

3) Yulia Kuchinskaya, deputy Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4) Askar Kysykov, director of the center of Applied Research "TALAP".

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