The tenge exchange rate, what to expect? "Results"

June 17, 2024

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On June 12, the United States imposed blocking sanctions against the Moscow Stock Exchange. Meanwhile, domestic experts are asking a reasonable question how sanctions against the Moscow Exchange will affect the formation of the tenge exchange rate and trade relations between Kazakhstan and Russia. And they are also afraid of a repeat of the situation in 2014, when the ruble fell to three tenge and domestic goods became not competitive. What to expect in the near future? What should citizens' savings be invested in so that they do not devalue and do not cause restrictions on our neighbors to cause inflation in our country? For more information, see the new issue of the Results program.


1) Askar Kysykov, Director of the TALAP Center for Applied Research;

2) Zhanar Tulindinova, political scientist, Spanish Director of the Institute of Parliamentarism;

3) Aigerim Bakhtiarova, Master of Social Sciences, spec. on International Relations;

4) Marat Kairlenov, economist;

5) Rasul Rysmambetov, economist, financial analyst.

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